How to use extrusion and CNC machining to mill industrial controller parts at low cost, and obtain CNC milling prototypes and production parts?

The customer of Industrial Controller found 5 CNC milling suppliers for quotations. Because the quantity is only 1,000 pieces, the quotations of other suppliers are higher than the customer's cost budget.In the end, customers find us, and our company insists that there is no difference between big and small customers. After the engineer analyzed the product structure, it was determined that the extrusion + CNC machining met the customer's requirements, and the cost was reduced, and the quality was also recognized by the customer.

Step 1: Extruding and cutting with a 2500T extruder

For parts above 120MM*90MM, when some factories are reviewing, they will first think of 2000T for extrusion machines. This can save about 5% in cost, but they can't think of 2000T machines with insufficient pressure. , After CNC milling, the parts with this appearance will cause problems when they are anodized: 1. Extrusion bonding lines will appear on the surface, which makes the surface very ugly; 2. Because the parts need to be equipped with PCB boards, Unstable internal dimensions will cause assembly to not go in; 3. Sand holes and bubble holes will appear on the surface, which is mainly because the temperature of the raw materials is not controlled and stable. Based on the above problems, our first step is using a 2500T machine to produce. This is a good cnc milling method and the most critical step to obtain CNC milling prototypes and production parts.

Step 2 : 4 axis CNC machining for hole, slot, bevel length

Beveling milling is a very important cnc machining Parts production, because the customer has to install other accessories, A factory with a loose review and a small scale often uses a CNC sawing machine to complete the processing. We use the 3+2 cnc machining to do this. And make special jigs to mill the other positions, and finally complete this with perfect high-quality aluminum alloy CNC machined part.

Step 3: 150# sanding and brushing

Step 4: Anodizing

Step 5: Silk screen logo

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