How to process difficult 5-axis cnc machining petrochemical connectors by dismantling process, saving materials and combining 2+3 methods and reduce the cost to 20%?

Our engineers conduct a process review according to the customer’s drawings. During the review, it is found that it is an irregular eccentric shaped part. According to the traditional processing method, it can only be produced by a 5-axis machine, and the material that needs to be purchased must be twice the outer diameter of the part. . The processing area is large, the time is long, and materials are wasted.

Based on the special product and the above reasons, CNC Machining processing cost is too high, our engineering decided to change the method.

ItemOriginal processing methodExisting processing methods
Processing methodsDirect 5-axis machiningDesign extruded profile drawing according to prototype
Order materials according to drawings
Machining the first process with a CNC lathe
After the fixture is installed, place it on the 3+2 machine for processing
Pros and consLong processing timeSave materials and reduce processing time, saving 20% of costs

Manufacturing processes

CNC lathe workshop processes according to the technological process, and measures whether all dimensions meet the requirements of the drawings.

CNC machining is to perform CNC machining according to the benchmark size of lathe machining.

Tolerance detection

Various inspections are carried out according to customer requirements. We carry out first piece inspection and on-line inspection for each size during the production process according to the requirements of the customer’s drawings.


For each product produced, we use a uniform scratch-resistant flexible packaging method to prevent secondary damage when transporting parts during the manufacturing process.

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