CNC Drilling Service

CNC drilling is able to produce accurate holes or threads infractions, it applies computer-automated machines to drill precision threads or holes into surfaces of different kinds of material composition and thickness, which include metals, hard plastics, wood, and most other rigid materials. We are able to provide CNC drilling service for modification of boats, shoe lasts, golf clubs, shoe lasts, furniture, etc. At MG we are also able to provide you with more CNC services, such as CNC millingCNC turning, etc. And with a professional designing team, MG can help you to make a perfect drilling plan in a short time, contact us with your CAD now.

Why Choose MG for CNC Drilling?

Rapid Turnaround: Using the latest CNC machine tools, MG can produce high-precision, fast turning parts in 7 days.

Precision: Offers ±0.01 mm – ±0.005 mm high precision tolerance, depending on customer specifications.

Expandability: CNC machining is ideal for producing 1-10,000 parts.

Our CNC Drilling Machine

CNC Drilling Advantages

CNC drilling units offer many advantages over traditional drilling techniques, such as:

  • Higher accuracy: Holes manufactured by our drilling machines are as accurate as the original design file within very tight margins.
  • Broader versatility: A big number of materials can be used in CNC drilling, from metal to plastic to wood. In addition, because our technique allows the application of multiple drills bits, different kinds of holes can be utilized.
  • Greater reproducibility: CNC computer-controlled drilling can avoid many manipulated errors. And the whole process is consistent throughout a batch and between batches.

CNC Drilling Products

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